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From the Pastor’s Desk…-

From the Pastor’s Desk…


Minister Brandon Stepter, Living Hope Bible Church Youth Department
September 17, 2017

Our First Youth Service was held Sunday, September 17th and was a
big success. You might wonder how we measure success! Here’s
how.......a young woman responded to hearing the Word of God and
she surrendered her life to Christ!!!

Here are some notes that from the message delivered by
Minister Brandon Stepter:

“Be Imitators of God” - Ephesians 5:1 - 2

1. Who are you imitating ?
How do you compare what you are doing to God?

2. God sent His son to be the best example for us.

3. We need to spend time with God in order to be able to imitate

4. Love like Christ. Walk in love. Value one another. Practice
empathy and compassion. “ ... a s Christ also loved us and gave
Himself for us as a sweet smelling aroma for us....”

5. Worship God. What does it all mean?
When we study God’s Word and imitate Him, we are
worshipping Him.

Our Youth Led worship Service will be held each 3rd
Sunday at 10:00am in the Chapel. Come out, bring
your entire family! You will be blessed tremendously!!

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Pastor Holland Receiving the Honorary Doctorate


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